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Born out of an increasing demand for higher warehouse safety standards, Racknowledge offers expert engineering services focused solely on industrial racking systems and their safety.

Whether you manage a warehouse or operate multiple distribution centers, are a safety or risk manager, our goal is to help you better manage what is frequently one of your biggest assets: your racking systems. Through a thorough inspection process, we offer you an actionable overview of the general condition of your racking systems, a snapshot of your racks at a specific point in time. Our reporting, based on rigorous engineering analysis, allows you to take corrective actions to bring your racking systems back to conformity.

Best of all, short of accompanying you every day, we provide you with customized software that will allow you to inspect your racking systems on an on-going basis, helping you maintain the highest safety standards. This approach cuts on inspection time and costs, raises your awareness of possible issues, which leads to a safer environment for your employees and of course, allows you to better sleep at night. This is what Racknowledge is all about.

Our services

Conformity inspection

It is critical that, over time, your racking systems maintain their full integrity, despite the demands of your daily operations. The conformity inspection is a thorough racking inspection whose sole purpose is to certify that your racking systems still comply with the governing bodies’ rack design and safety standards.

The Service
Our engineers walk the facility and inspect your racking systems for conformity by collecting on-site information, pictures and identifying any deficiencies, damages and missing components. A conformity report is then issued with our recommendations. This process is nondisruptive to your operations.

Actionable inspection report that includes:

  • Outlined inspection procedures and field observations
  • Recommendations
  • Summary location plans of the inspected systems
  • If damage is found, a proposal for repair

Load capacity calculation

Knowing the load capacity of your systems and displaying it is a critical part of having safe operations. In fact, it is required by law. Unfortunately, many facilities don’t have original rack design drawings (LARCS), hence no load capacity ratings. This service is meant to determine the maximum load capacity of all systems, through the use of sophisticated modeling and engineering calculations.

The Service
Our engineers walk the facility and collect on-site information about the rack systems, determine their load capacity and issue a load capacity report with recommendations. This process is nondisruptive to your operations.

Engineering report that includes:

  • Data, assumptions and calculation results
  • Summary plans of the calculated systems
  • Labels or plaques displaying the load capacity of the systems


our reliable inspection app

It’s the iPad app that helps you self-inspect your warehouse racking systems with ease.

This intuitive tool simplifies the process of capturing and reporting deficiencies. Record location data, take pictures, flag damaged components and priority levels. Then, easily generate reports and access a dashboard with real time statistics about your racking systems.

Why racknowledge?

Because we are a team of dedicated professionals whose focus is the behavior of racking systems, their safety and the factors that affect their integrity.

Racknowledge is an offspring of Damotech, the first and largest rack repair company in North America. For over 20 years, our team has been exposed to untold numbers of issues involving racking systems and leveraging all that expertise gives Racknowledge its edge. We provide a highly customized service with unrivaled engineering expertise, at competitive rates.

Our clients are companies that take warehouse safety seriously and want to ensure that their racking systems meet and exceed industry standards. Let us know how we can help you.